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Health and Hygiene

The Nursery promotes a healthy lifestyle and a high standard of hygiene in its day-to-day work with children and adults. Children will have the opportunity to play in the fresh air throughout the year either in the Nursery’s own outside play areas or, with permission, on outings to parks or other community play spaces. Parents are asked to keep their children at home if they have any infection, and to inform the Nursery so that they may alert other parents, if necessary, and make careful observations of any other child who seems unwell. Parents are asked not to bring into the Nursery any child who has been vomiting or had diarrhoea until at least 48 hours has elapsed since the last attack.        

With regard to the administration of life saving medication such as insulin/adrenalin injections or the use of nebulisers, the position will be clarified by reference to the Nursery’s insurance company and registration guidelines.


The safety of young children is of paramount importance. All children are supervised by adults at all times and will always be within sight of an adult. A book is available at each session for the reporting of any accident/incident. Children will only leave the Nursery with authorised adults. Whenever the children are on the premises at least two adults will be present. Fire drills are held once a term for all children. The Nursery and site is a no smoking area.

Child Protection

The Nursery has a duty to be aware that abuse does occur in our society. Our prime responsibility is the welfare and well being of the children in our care. As such we believe we have a duty to the children, parent/carers and staff to act quickly and responsibly if we have any reason to believe that a child in our care is subject to emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect. The concern will be discussed with the parent /main carer.

The Nursery also has a duty to report any suspicions around abuse to the Local Authority. The Children Act 1989 (section 47(1)) places a duty on the Local Authority to investigate such matters. The Nursery will follow procedures set out in the Local Authority Safeguarding Children Documents and as such will seek their advice on all steps taken subsequently. A full copy of this document and the Nursery’s child protection & safeguarding children policy can be seen on request at the Nursery.

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